Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shine baby Shine

Hello Blogettes,
Happy Hump Day! I must say I am never much of a person for hump day but this week because of finals it is looking pretty swell. Anyways here are the nails I was sporting this week. I feel like these would have been better for New Years but I still fancy them.

Wet n Wild Wild Shine in Kaleidoscope; Sally Hansen in Midnight in NY; Street Wear in Monster Mash

I basically did two coats of Black then Layered on the Glitter. I really want to find a more multi-colored glitter compared to the silver. (Any suggestions?) Then I french tipped the best on could on all my nails except my index finger. On my index finger I did about four glitter coats compared to two on the others.
What are your favorite winter polish colors?
Take from this what you will,

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  1. love the mixed color idea, I did the same while in HK for Halloween and it looked like dripping blood (gross, but cool haha).