Monday, January 17, 2011

Instead of...

......doing my report earlier today I decided to go on a ten mile run, take a hot bath and search esty for a while looking at bath bombs. While searching I came across LongLeafSoaps. I have my order already to send out and will do a review once I receive the products. Her stuff is very reasonably priced and everything looks so cute. In all honestly I swear I shop more on esty then at my mall.
After my bath I also decided to find some cute bathroom inspiration. I honestly cant wait to have my own house and decorate it. Here are a few photos that I really found adorable:

I really would love a old fashioned tub like that. I think it would just be fabulous to take a bath in and relax, however I am somewhat paranoid after have watching Sherlock Holmes.
How would you like your dream bathroom to look like?
Take from this what you will,

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