Thursday, January 6, 2011

B&BW Haul with a few extra after Holiday deals.

Hello Darlings,
Like most people, I do enjoy getting good deals on stuff. Today I checked out Bath and Body Works and found quite a few good deals. Here are the items I picked up at B&BW.

I was so excited when I found those two lip glosses. If you frequent Bath and Body Works you know that their lip glosses are usually 7.50 each. I got those two babies for $2 a piece. The candles, body splash and socks were 50% off and the lotion was $3. Great deals! The random contact solution was due to the fact that my eyes have been getting infected alot so recently I deiced to start new with new solution and a case. Hopefully it works. Lastly the Victoria Secret PINK jacket my friend ended up snagging for me was only $19.50 originally $39.00. It is not as fuzzy as I thought and was actually a little more terry clothed like but its all good. If any of you enjoy either Victoria Secrets or Bath and Body Works I would defiantly go check out there Semi-Annual sales right now.
Take from this what you will.


  1. Great haul.. You got a bunch of amazing deals! :) I love finding things in the sales! xxx

  2. Oh the candles must smell nice!

  3. ooooh fab haul! i looove tthose candles, theyre delishh..i also stocked up on so much during that sale haha x

  4. i love those socks!! i have some

  5. This blog is awesome !!!