Saturday, October 6, 2012

Spring Clean-Out Blog Sale-Updated!

 Blog Sale!
-Must Pay through Paypal in full. (paypal fee's applied)
-Can be shipped internationally.
-Shipping will be determined upon location. ($2 to $5 usually)
-Over $50 gets free shipping.
-Items will only be held for 3 days.
-No minimum purchase.
-Willing to negotiate.
-Most of products have very minor scratches on packaging from storing.
+Please only serious buyers.
Contact to purchase:
-Email directly including wanted products to

E.L.F. Waterproof Eyeliner Crayon in Moss-$1
(Used 3x) Packaging is a little janky on it.

MUA Palette in Glamour Check-$4
(Every colored swatched once or twice)

 Physicians Formula Happy Mood boosting Blush-Rose-$5
-Used about 4x.-Mini brush included.

Milani Black Magic Duo Pencil in Green Magic-$3
-Blackened Green side used 2x and Green Magic side used 2x.

NYX Trio -Tropical,Yellow, Lime Green-$4
-all colors swatched. Yellow used once. 

Revlon Colorstay Quad(old packaging)-Wildflower-$3
-All colors swatched. mini applicators included.

Victoria Secret Secluded Lagoon -$5
-all colors swatched, green used 3x. Comes in box.

Mark Flip-it palette-Sydney-$6
-shadows and blush used 2 to 3x. One lip gloss swatched all others BN. 

Wet N Wild "Lust"-$2
-Several colors used twice, others new. 

Urban Decay shadow "Sell Out" & "ABC gum" -$8
NYX "Frosted lilac"- $3

17 mini gloss set -$4

Jemma Kidd blush concentrate "Pose"-$3
MUA shimmer kisses -$2

Glamour Doll eye pigments-$3 each
ELF pigment-$1

Barry M Magic lipstick-$3
Avon lipstick " "-$2

SweetPea & Fay liquid lipstick -$5

Covergirl green liquid lineblast eyeliner-$2

Urban Decay Midnight Emergency palette- $14

CK single shadow- $3
NYX -$2

M.A.C. Just a Pinch gel blush -$9
Revlon photoready blush - $3

All New and still in wrapping. 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dear Santa.

Dear Santa,
Thank you for the lovely presents this year. I hope all of your reindeer are doing well, I have not put magical feeder on the ground outside for a couple of years but I am sure other kids have taken over that job.
Books! True Whit &; My Listography. Music: Micheal Buble Christmas.
Makeup: Sleek Palettes, pout paint and liquid liner. + Naked 2 Palette.
Pink Bow Cardigan &; Running Tighs.
Lanny the Elf from "Prep and Landing"

I hope you all had a very wonderful Holiday Season.
What did you recieve or give for the Holidays?
Take from this what you will,

Monday, October 31, 2011

Beauty? Makeup? is it worth it all?

Heyy Blogettes!
If many of you are interested in beauty and roam you-tube quite a bit, then I am sure most of you have seen your fair share of "Make-Up Collections". Well I personally, have always been in love with watching those videos. However, Today I finally realized, that no matter how much make-up you may have, it wont make you any prettier. I know this may sounds harsh, but how often do we think that if we lose just those last 10 pounds or just buy that "perfect" foundation or pair of jeans that everyone else is wearing will we actually be happy with ourselves. We often think that by losing weight or packing on makeup we will automatically gain a boyfriend and friends and much more. In reality you can not wear all that makeup at once nor can you impress everyone at once. Their will ALWAYS be someone with more and less than you. Material Objects do not make us into who we are. Its who we are that makes us into who we are. Confused? Don't be. It is honestly how you present yourself that make people want you. Yea that makeup may attract someone but it wont keep them around unless you have the personality to go with it. Let people see the real you for who you are. Because no matter how much you wish you could be someone else, it wont be you. Don't rely on who you arent to get you through life. Embrace who you are and live the best life you can.
Take from this what you will,

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Riding the Storm Out.

Last Night was insane. Lightning. Thunder. Rain. Everywhere. It was so crazy. Just when I thought the storm had cleared. It came back 4 hours later. Lets just say I had a "perfect" nights sleep.

Blouse-Old Navy; Wedges-Old Navy; Shorts-Urban Outfitters.

Watch-Vintage; Purse-B&BW

"And I'm not missing a thing,Watching the full moon crossing the range,Riding the storm out"

Love, Chelsea

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fashion Inspiration:Camilla Belle

Camilla Belle is, to put it simple, fabulous! Her hair and style is contenting changing yet always has a relaxed feeling to it. Honestly if I could raid someones wardrobe, it would defiantly be hers.

Take from this what you will,

Friday, August 26, 2011

My Favorite Fall Polishes

Ello Bloggies,
Autumn can not come soon enough. The whole season for me is just filled with magic and warmth. I picked out a few colors from my nail polish collection that I will be great for Autumn. I defiantly know I will be sporting them on my nails.

WetNWild-Bite the Bullet;O.P.I.-Lincoln Park After Dark;WetNwild-Lavender Creme;Artmatic Burgundy


N.Y.C.-Skin Tight Denim Creme;Sinful Colors-Hazard.


Tropez-Antique Brandy;Revlon-Ash;Yves Rocher-Beige Curve;No.7-Beanie

What are your favorite nail colors for Autumn?

Take from ths what you will,

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sucker Punch Nails.

Hey Blogettes!
Recently in magazines I have sen alot of french tip designs. So since inspiration has been on my side, I decided to take the classic french tip up a notch and add a bit of more lollipop punch to it. Both of the polishes I used were very inexpensive and be be found at Wal-mart.

polish colors: Bon Bons-Orange;WetnWild-Lavender Creme.

What are yous favorite ways to French Tip?
Take from this what you will,