Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I love your smell!

What is up Blogettes?,

I am super excited for this coming Saturday becuase not only do a I this really giganctic track meet but my Ulta store is opening!! I am so excited to have a Ulta 10 minutes away. My local mall is also getting a Sephora in late August( Right before I leave for college). Its just so nice not to have to drive 2 hours to get some makeup. Now all I need is a nice CCO.

Now that I am done rambling... Here are a few body sprays and perfumes that I love for Spring. All of them are along the same line of either being fruity or floraly.

(LtoR:Hilary Duff Wrapped With Love; American Girl Truly Me)

Take from this what you will,

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Enjoy your bellys full of chocolate and eggs.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Great Weather for a Haircut.

Hey Blogettes,

After the hair inspiration post I made a couple days back I decided to just go and get it cut. I asked for 5 inches off, layers starting at my jawline, and blunt bangs. Its going to be perfect for summer. The only worry I have is all the upcoming senior parties and banquetes. I would kinda prefer to have my hair a little longer for those but I really love the finally outcome nonetheless.

I did not realize until my stylist pointed it out but it resembles a old look Anne Hathaway use to rock. Night Night all, I am off to watch 127 hours.Take from this what you will,

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tip of April #1

Glamour Tip:Cucumbers help reduce the appearance of under eye circles by soothing the area around the eye and decreasing puffiness.
Knowledge-able Fact: Ronald Reagan was the oldest president to take office.
Inspirational Quote:"If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours."

Take from this what you will,

Monday, April 18, 2011

A Night full of Glitter.

Well kinda...

Today I picked up some LA Splash Glitter from Walgreens. The thing I found odd about it is that it is called a eye glitter yet it says all over the package- not to use on your eyes. In some spots it even says only nail art glitter. Confused?!?.. Me too. Anywho, these are my nails of the night, plainted while watching Dancing with the Stars.

Wet N Wild-Grays Atonomy;LA Splash Glitter

Take from this what you will,

My Health and Fitness.

Ello Lovely Blogettes!

Health and Fitness are two things I may have a slight obsession with. I really got into Health and Nutrition my junior year in hopes of dropping a few pounds for cross country. I ended up losing 10 pounds and was very fit. Ever since its has been something I love. For my age I am probably one of the few people that actually gets their recommended fruit and veggies servings for the day. This senior year, I have been eating a little more junk then usual just due to all the senior activities. Its been harder for me to lose the 5 pounds Ive gained since last year due to my understanding with health. I know that may sounds strange but I feel like all diets are just fads and its harder for me to lose those stubborn 5 pounds because I don't want to diet.

Fitness wise I usually workout 6-7 days a week, with track or xc practice and road race training. I do everything from speed play repeats to fartleks to Long slow distance. I have currently work up to running a half marathon, which it something I never thought I would do until I was older. I try to lifts weight 3 times a week and do abs daily. I frequent my gym on slower practice days and usually do a 45 min elliptical workout of some sort.

What workouts do you do to stay in shape?

Take from thsi what you will,

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lovely Spring Hair Inspriation

Hey Blogettes,

I just got back from seeing Tangled, the Disney version of Rapunzel. It was so adorable! After that movie I've had some serious hair inspiration. The last look by Jessica Simpson really reminds me of the movie, only if Jessica's hair was straight.

(click photos for credit)
Take from this what you will,

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A trip to the District of Columbia

Hello Blogettes!

I have been behind on posting due to track meets and practice lately. Next week is Spring Break and I have alot of good posts planned for before and after I leave on my Spring Break trip. This past weekend my friends and I took a trip to Washington D.C. for the Cherry Blossom Festival. I previously went there in eight grade for a trip and going back was great. Both trips were different and involved seeing different parts of Washington. During the trip we saw a Shear Madness, which is a fantastic comedy. It was all completely imparved and hilarious. Each show is different and the cast is allowed to interact throughout. Defiantly a must see in Washington! Below are just a few photos from the trip.

Smithsonian Dino Fossils.

Smithsonian Museum-Australia!

Iwo Jima Memorial Statue .

Tori and I by Jefferson Memorial and Cherry blossom trees.

White House.

Besides visiting the White House and watching Shear Madness, we visited the Capital Building, A couple of the Smithsonian Museums(one of my favorite parts),attended a dance and dinner cruise and picked up some D.C. Cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcakes. They were delicious! Defiantly different from most cupcakes. Arlington Cemetery was also a great experience considering that we saw two wreath laying ceremonies happening at the Tomb of the Unknown Solider. What places are you really interested in traveling too?

Take from this what you will,

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

D.I.Y. Bandana Bracelets

Heyy Blogettes!

Ready for the sunshine and beaches? This D.I.Y. accorie is perfect for the boardwalk. It can get wet and not get ruined. All you need are:


*Bandanas(anywhere from 3 to 8, can be varying in color and pattern)



1) 2)Braid the strips together has you would hair. Depending on the amount of bandanas used depends on the ways the bracelet can be braided.

3) Its honestly that simple. These are similar to friendship bracelets and can stay on until they are cut off. I have showered in mine and they have not gotten ruined. Overtime they will fray,which makes them look cooler.

Take from this what you will,

Posietint Review

Hello Blogettes,

Its review time! I know I keep talking about Springtime, but I am just so happy that it is finally here. I had the worst case of winter blues this year so spring is wonderful when it comes.

Claims:"This kiss of see-through poppy-pink tint brightens cheeks and lips. A Liqui-gel formula blends to just-picked perfection on all complexions and lasts for hours." Texture: Liquid and smooth for the most part, a little sticky.
Blendibilty: This product has to be blended-out fast or else it will stain in the dot where it was placed. Can be blended out with a finger.

Smell: Chemically.

Lasting power: I usually wear this on my face for 8-10 hours with running and it stays on pretty well. Alone I would say more of 8 hours, and with a setting powder or blush over top it will stay on a good 10 hours.

Other comments: This product is my favorite two-in-one product. It looks stunning on lips and cheeks. On lips it can be a tad drying but something some good lip balm won't solve. My only real disadvantage is that it dries and stains so fast. I would recommend blending on one cheek before applying to the other.
Overall repurchase:Yes

Overall Rating:3/5

Take from this what you will,

Monday, April 4, 2011

Favorite Drugstore Shadow Palettes for Spring and Summer

happy day blogettes,

This upcoming weekend I am going away to Washington D.C. for the Cherry Blossom Festival, so that means anther lack of posting. I am really trying to post more. I am always on the computer it seems but I seem to rather forget about my blog. I plan on doing a good deuce of double duty posts to catch up. Now onto the post.

This Spring is here and today is actually felt like it, despite the rain, I complied a few of my favorite drugstore palettes. I do a lot of drugstore favorites on here to make the products that I mention easily available to all. All the the colors in these palettes have a pastel theme but can be mixed and matched to any liking.

My Cat Snooping on all the palettes.

Nequeme 12 eyes Heart Palette "#4" - I swapped this product a while back and I am actually unsure of where you can purchase it. The shadows remind me of Urban Decay alot. There are two great dupes for UB's "Toasted" and "Fishnet" in it. NYX Trio in "Tropical, Yellow, Lime Green" - NYX never seems to have a bad product, in my opinion. Some people are not fond of the trios but I do not find much of a difference between these and the singles. This is defiantly great for a tropical look. Claires Pastel Palette - With 10 shades its really worth the price. The shades range everywhere from peach to grey. Revlon Color stay quad in "Wildflower"- Lovely palette with long lasting shades. Includes a lime green, sunshine yellow,lilac purple, and grey brown. A whole eye look can be done with just this palette.
Take from this what you will,

Friday, April 1, 2011

To Prom?

Hello Blogettes,

I know I do not do man posts like this but I really need help. This year is my senior year and I do not know what to do about prom. I have never gone before considering that it is only for juniors and seniors. Last year I did not want my track meet to interfere so I opted out of it. The problem this year really is that I do not have anyone to go with...kinda. Their is one boy I could ask but he is a junior and we are such good friends. Our parents have also known each other since basically our birth because they were our neighbors before. I do not know if he is already going with someone else s of now either.

I have some friends who are considering going stag and I wanna go with them as a group, but prom, stage is kinda lame. My group of friends and I also considering doing something else that night instead, but their is not much you can do with half a day. A amusement park could work but the closes is a hour and a half away. I really do not know what to do. I do not want to go with that boy either and have it be awkward. I do have a dress but it is one that I can use to graduation too. This is just bothering me becuase prom is one of those things where you always dream of going and having it be with a person you really like and such. Any ideas and help is welcomed. Thanks!

Take from this what you will,