Monday, January 10, 2011

D.I.Y. Eyeshadow Pallete-old brush case

Hello Loveries,
This year I really want to start reorganizing my makeup and other aspects of my life. Today though I thought I would start off small and make my eye shadows a nice home. They use to live in a giant 40 piece box that was from the brand Flirt! which you can be bought at Khouls. It was there Holiday palette which if you can still get your hands on I would suggest because for any that has every heard of them they also are distributed and created by the Lancome Company which also makes M.A.C. makeup so that means there is a plethora of dupes. (which I will make a anther post) This palette however is something anyone can do and it can be changed up in various ways. I used a hard cover brush case. I think this works best but a DVD or CD case will also work just fine. ( I will do tutorial posts on those also)

Shall we begin?
To start you will need :
*A hard cover brush holder(I got mine at Big Lots)
*Magnets(Large and Small)
*A Knife or Carpet Cutter

1st) Remove the brush holders. Carefully cut them out with your cutting tool.

2nd) After the holders are cut place and fit a large magnet to size.
(old fridge magnets work well)3rd) Glue in your magnet.
4th) Fit and place in eye shadows. If shadows are not already magnetized fit and glue magnets on.

Wa-la! A brand Spanking new palette are your hands. Off to watch Lie to Me.
Anyone else watch this show?
Take From This What You Will.


  1. Ooh very creative, looks great!!

    Sadie x

  2. Great job! (: Verrryyy cute, I like the colors you've chosen to put in it too!