Saturday, December 11, 2010

Whats in my purse?

Hello all! So this I believe is one of the oldest tags on you-tube and in the Blog community and although I was not tagged I so enjoyed reading and watching "Whats in my purse", that I decided to do my own.

Canvas convertible handle tote/purse.


pencil case/a few of the untiles in my purse/planner

Chap stick,Wet and Wild, and c.o. Bigalow lip glosses/Sure mini deo/mirror/Country apple hand lotion and sanitizer/mini sunscreen/hair tye

tissues/car keys/clarinet lyre/extra contact

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.

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  1. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog! I love "whats in my purse"!!! <3 Rina