Sunday, December 5, 2010

Frosty the snow nails.

Hello evvveryboddy.
I adore painting my nails festive for the Holidays. I thought I would share this my quick little winter nails with you. I love mint green nail polish and there are quite a few options out there one of the more well known ones being Revlon's Minted. I however was looking for more of a sea foam green color and somewhat failed..but I ended up finding Sally Hansons Nail Growth Miracle color in Gentle Blossom. It is such a pretty mintish semi sea foam green color. I reminded me of mints and snow. I applied 3 coats without and top coat and it has stayed on for about 5 days now without chips. One thing I enjoy about this nail polish is that it is very build able and it has light glistens of silverish white glitter specks. The brush is also very nice becuase as most Sally Hanson nail polish brushes it is wide and picks up just the right amount of color. I actaully only had to re-dip into the polish after every five fingers painted and they all got the same amount of polish.

I ended up adding little snowflakes on my ring finger to make them more festive. (excuse the messed up snowflake, I didnt relieze it was still drying when I went to grab some peppermint bark). For the snowflakes I just used L.A. Colors Art Deco in White which can be bought at Dollar Tree and Dollar General. This I want to really celebrate Winter and make it more enjoyable I think I may change my nails every week during the Holidays since I have a abundance of polish and tons of cute ideas to do on them.

What color polish do you like to use on your nails during the Holidays?
Do you do any designs on your nails?

Take from this what you will,
Love Chelsea

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  1. I lOVE mint nail polish - it's so fresh and simple!