Thursday, December 9, 2010

Files Of a Bucket List Completer

Hello readers,

Today I plan on starting something new on my blog. I love fashion and makeup but there is so much more that I enjoy, thus I am starting a series that I plan to keep the whole length of my blogs life entitled "Files Of a Bucket List Completer. On these posts I am going to post completed things on my Bucket List and write, draw, post, exc about the whole experience. It might be boring to some but its something I wanna start. My full Bucket List will be posted on this page. To start off this series I thought I would post #7. This was completed 8/14/08 and has been on my Bucket List since I was kid and although some may find it creepy or others may find it strange it is something that I got checked off and I am quite proud of.

#7-Meet The Wiggles




(I had meet Anthony too, but the photo did not come out good.)

So far since that day I have seen the Wiggles two other times. No matter what, I do enjoy them. Recently their music has been becoming more Lullaby-like but I plan on having my children someday watch them. Greg Page, the former yellow wiggle, was the reason I put this on my list. This is because in my opinion, besides Josh Groban, Greg has a truly amazing voice. In interviews that I use to watch or even on the Wiggles show, I perseved him as a role model and although I could not meet Greg it was a honor to meet the rest of the men that make up the band I have adored since youth. When I was younger in all honestly I never thought I could check this on off, partially because by the time to opportunity came I thought I would not like the Wiggles anymore and I mean they are a very well-known children's band from Australia.

Just remember no matter how silly your dreams may seem, they are yours. Take from this what you will.

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  1. i love this bucket list idea. very inspirational. but the wiggles? strange indeed, but hey, whatever floats your boat! haha
    thanks for commenting on my blog!