Thursday, December 30, 2010

Best of 2010.

my favorites of 2010.

10 Makeup and Hair products:
1) Maybelline Lash Stylist Mascara
2) L'oreal H.I.P.gel liner
3) Victoria Jackson Blush
4) M.A.C. Circa plum pigment
5) Jane Cream Blush stick in Simmering Peach
6) CO Bigalow Ultra Moisture Lotion
7) Neotrogena and Rite Aid sunscreen
8) Yves Rocher Phytum extra-volume shampoo
9) Pink irredsented highlighting powder
10) Carmex cherry in squeezy tube
10 favorite foods:
1) Rickeys English Pub Grilled chicken Sandwhich
2) Dunkin Donuts Gingerbread Coffee
3) Braches Candy Corn
4) Red Lobster Lobster Pizza
5) Chik fil a Chik fil a suace

top 10 songs:
1) "Sweetness"-Jimmy Eat World
2) "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich"-Lady Gaga
3) "Candel Light" -Relient K
4) "Ridin Solo"-Jason Derulo
5) "Mine"-Taylor Swift
6) "Land of Confusion"-Genisis
7) "Do Better"- Say Anything
8) "No Milk Today"-Hermans Hermits
9) "Chelsea"-The Summer Set
10) "Thinking About Something"-Hanson

Top 5 Inspirations:

1) KurtHugoSchneider-Youtube
2) No Arms, No Legs, No Worries-Nick Vujicic
3) "Nothing is impossible,for the word itself says "Im possible""-Audrey Hepurn
4) Keds Ads
5) Peanut Butter and Jenny
Top 5 Most Worn Fashion
1)Champion Yoga Pants
2)Champion Fleece Jacket
3)Rue 21 Tan Canvas tote
4)Vera Wang White Ruffled Blouse
5)Red Boat Shoes
Take from this what you will

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