Monday, December 13, 2010

F21 Inspiration.

hello my little reindeer!

haha is it to soon for Christmas spirit? Today while everyone was at school I was at home as sick as a dog and decided to browse through Forever 21 clothes. Nothing at Forever 21 has amused me to much recently but while searching the website today I found some adore items... and now I wonder why my Forever 21 has none of this adorable stuff in store.

I just found this quite funny because I still have my old D.A.R.E shirts from middle school.

Old Navy actually has something very similar to this minus the fringe.

Adore this color!

If you couldn't tell I enjoy wearing mostly pastely/neutral colors. If any of you have a Forever 21 by you I would definitely suggest going on a hunt, especially during the Holiday season I think stores come out with the most adorable stuff during this time of the year.
Take from this what you will.
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  1. That Dare sweatshirt is too much... I kind of like it! Forever 21 does have such cute clothing for real cheap which is nice.. they are just so crappy in the quality department.