Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I love your smell!

What is up Blogettes?,

I am super excited for this coming Saturday becuase not only do a I this really giganctic track meet but my Ulta store is opening!! I am so excited to have a Ulta 10 minutes away. My local mall is also getting a Sephora in late August( Right before I leave for college). Its just so nice not to have to drive 2 hours to get some makeup. Now all I need is a nice CCO.

Now that I am done rambling... Here are a few body sprays and perfumes that I love for Spring. All of them are along the same line of either being fruity or floraly.

(LtoR:Hilary Duff Wrapped With Love; American Girl Truly Me)

Take from this what you will,


  1. haha. glad you'll be saving some gas. thanks for another amazing post love. Don't forget to swing by to see my latest LAX fashion post. xoxo

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  2. wherr did u purchase the truly me perfume? I thouhht it was discontinued. its my fave smell so please respond! :D

  3. I purchased it awhile back at a yellow duck sale for Bath and Body Works. I believe it has been discountinued. However, I was going to have a blog sale soon and I was going to put that up b/c although I love the smell I hardly ever use it. I hope that helps:)