Monday, May 2, 2011

Updated Project 10 Pan & Update

I miss you Blogettes!

Track is seriously crazy. I had three meets last week and one of them was a overnighter. Goodness I love that sport. I know my blog has been lacking but I only have two weeks left of track, and three if you count state-which I do not think I will qualify for this year, but that means more time for posting!

It is quite crazy realizing that I have only a month left of school before I graduate. Sadly besides my friends and some teachers, I feel track and cross country will be the only things I really will miss. Graduation Day is the day after my birthday which in a way upsets me, knowing ill be one day older when I leave high school.
My project 10 pan has also been going fabulously! I never thought i would hit pan on these two gel liners I have been using since last year, but the most beautiful thing happened about two week ago! I destroyed them!!...Kinda. I hit pan on both the brown and the black gel liners in my
Victoria Jackson exotic eye palette. I am defiantly excited about that. I do still plan to finish them up but for now hitting pan is good.

I also completely used up for lotion bottles. I am going to count every two bottles as 1 pan item because they are fairly easy to use up and they were both only about half way full.

The rest the the items I should be able to have used up by late May or June.

Wish me luck!

Take from this what you will,

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