Friday, April 1, 2011

To Prom?

Hello Blogettes,

I know I do not do man posts like this but I really need help. This year is my senior year and I do not know what to do about prom. I have never gone before considering that it is only for juniors and seniors. Last year I did not want my track meet to interfere so I opted out of it. The problem this year really is that I do not have anyone to go with...kinda. Their is one boy I could ask but he is a junior and we are such good friends. Our parents have also known each other since basically our birth because they were our neighbors before. I do not know if he is already going with someone else s of now either.

I have some friends who are considering going stag and I wanna go with them as a group, but prom, stage is kinda lame. My group of friends and I also considering doing something else that night instead, but their is not much you can do with half a day. A amusement park could work but the closes is a hour and a half away. I really do not know what to do. I do not want to go with that boy either and have it be awkward. I do have a dress but it is one that I can use to graduation too. This is just bothering me becuase prom is one of those things where you always dream of going and having it be with a person you really like and such. Any ideas and help is welcomed. Thanks!

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  1. You seriously have to go to prom...You cant miss it!! I didnt go to my junior prom and almost didnt to my senior and I am so happy I did! You can never get that experience back, so def go. I didnt have a date cause my bf was 21 and you had to be 20 or younger, so i didnt have a date, just went with friends, and it was SO much fun!!!