Sunday, March 27, 2011

U.K. Swap with sugarbeauty.

What a lovely day here in Ohio, Blogettes!

I hope that where ever you are it is just as lovely and sunshiny.

A while back Jill and I did a swap. I honestly love doing swaps. It is such a great chance to try out new and different products. I absolutely love everything!

I haven't really tried anything out yet except the makeup remover which works wonderful! The Nivea shower cream smells so good too!

Thanks again Jill!

If any one else is ever interested in a swap, do tell me. I'd love to do anther.

Take from this what you will,


  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog! The dress is really comfy :) and wow! what a nice swap! I've always wanted to try sleek cosmetics. I'd love to see your reviews on them! btw, I love your glasses in your display picture. You look really cute Chelsea!

  2. Ahh! i was wondering when this was going to be up! :D xox