Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Hard Candy Products

Hey Blogettes!
This past weekend I traveled to Walmart and found that Hard Candy had some realyl nice looking new products out. The first thing that really cuaght my eye was Fox In A Box. They remind me alot of Benefits boxed blushes. None of the colors off hand looked like they could be a Benefit dupe, but I am really curious to try them out. The box's vary from being duos to quads of blush and bronzers. Currently thier are 5 Fox In A Box combinations.
The next new products I found were Sheer Envy Primers. These primers are the things I am most excited to try out. Hard Candy was 3 differant primers-A basic primer, a illuminating primer, and a skin perfecting primer. Anthor face products they Hard Candy added is Undercover Agent. Undercover Agent,which I love the name of, is described as aundereye brightner and concealer duo. I have read a couple of reviews on this sa far and it seems to have gotten mixed rates. But like most products it it really up to that person. The last new products featured at my Walmart were Sequin Saturated Shine Lip Gloss. These look gorgous! They feature 8 differant color lipglosses in the Sequin Saturated Shine line. The color Lush is my favorite from thier line.

After my project pan I plan on picking up a couple of these products to try and and I will deffiently do reviews and comparisons on them. After visting I found they have a couple other new products released. Hard Candy is deffiently a brand to check out it is avaviable by you.

Take from this what you will,

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  1. i love these sort of products where there is a box to mix and match the colour. must check them out next time i see a hard candy counter

    Bow Dream Nation xx