Monday, March 14, 2011

Candle Collection.

Hey Blogettes!
With Winter winding down I had to dig out some of my Spring candles to replace my winter ones. During this I actually came to the conclusion that I don't have many candles for Spring and Summer. I defiantly need to pick a good "Sweet Pea" scented one.

Yankee Candle.

Misc. Brands.

Yes, I have a good amount of Winter and Holiday seasoned candles. Its kinda a sad collection but every time I actually burn a candle in my room my fire detector goes off, which is is annoying considering that my window is always slightly open. Currently I am burning Country Dream Gardenia and Lemon Souffle. Any suggestions for good candle brands or scents?
Take from this what you will,


  1. i never knew people have different candles for differnt seasons. i guess that is like fashion, different clothes for different seasons!! hahah
    every now and then i would light a candle, but im always too scared i will accidentally tip it and burn the house down. :( maybe i might try the ones in a jar like yourss!! :)


  2. so pretty. I adore wax tarts? You have the little burner and they slowly melt. So fun to stick your finger in.. . x hivennn

  3. I don't really light candles during the warmer weather, unless it's for a romantic meal.