Monday, March 21, 2011

Makeup Storage Ideas

Hello Blogettes!
I apologize for not posting at all last week. I was having a very lazy week. Since it is Spring and Spring cleaning is going on. I thought i would share some of the ways to store my makeup. Alot of these ways are acquired by using recycled products.

Crafts boxes-Purchased from Micheal's craft store, they have various shapes, sizes and patterns. Suited to hold anything from eyeshadow palettes, daily makeup, or even tools.

Toothbrush holders-Any type of toothbrush holder can be used to store liner pencils, brushes and lip glosses.

Screw lid Jars-Old Lotion jars, even when cleaned out, leave behind the scent of the product. They are great to storing cotton balls and wipes. Plus the scent left behind makes them smell lovely.

Tea tin or wooden boxes-This is a cute and classic way to old everyday products, brush cleaner or sanitizers.

Styrofoam foam from fruits and veggies-Currently I use these to old cosmetics sponges, brushes, and wedges. However in the past I have used it for lipsticks. The curved edges make the products stay in well and it makes it easier to stack products on top of one anther.
Baskets-Their are more uses for baskets then anything. I store my face masks, Lip balms, makeup bags and unopened products in these. (not shown-Orange crates-they work fabulous for nail polish storage.)

Take from this what you will,

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