Wednesday, February 23, 2011

To Kimono or Not to Kimono?

Hello Blogettes!,

After recently searching the a few online stores I found some really cute Kimono dresses. I dont know if I was ever fan of them or not becuase I never have really searched for clothing, I usually know what pieces I want and just look for them. I think they are really cute and will be great for spring and summer. Here are some of my favorites:

Most of them are from except the second photo which is by Robert Rodriguez. I personally love the one. Something I really like about them is depending on the lenght they could be a tunic or a dress and depending on the color and fabric it can be worn year-around. Their is also something about them thats makes them quit easy to be worn dressy or formal.
What do you think about Kimono Dresses?
Take from this what you will,


  1. the second one has to be my favorite love these dresses there so flattering !!!

    thanks for stopping by my page doll

  2. i really like the kind of dresses you seggested here..i love the first and the last one! great colours :)

    we could follow each other if you want to :)