Tuesday, February 22, 2011

N.Y.C. Lipstick Review

Hello Blogettes,
I have been meaning to review these lipsticks for awhile now. Two years ago the color "Chiffon" was really popular by the brand New York Color. I really love this brand for their prices and the quality of their products. Here is my review on their lipsticks.
Claims: Ultra Moist Lipstick:Kissable shine with Vitamin E conditioning. Make your lips stand out with New York Color Ultra Moist Lip Wear. A moisturizing lipstick in the trendiest high-shine colors that nourish and soothe your lips.-New York Color
Ultra Last Lipstick:Super-charged color. Glide-on, stay-on lipstick! New York Color Ultra Last Lip Wear gives you incredible color with real staying power. Beautiful high-fashion shades give you the most luscious, kissable lips ever. -New York Color
Texture: A tad drying, perfect with a lip balm base. Goes on a little tacky.
Blendabilty: It is hard to blend out this lipstick. Possibly due to texture.
Lasting Power:The ultra moist lipsticks stay on up to an hour while the ultra last lipsticks stay on up to 3. This is however without food or drink. I would cut back about 30minutes on the ultra moist with food and drink, and a hour on the ultra last.
Other comments: The colors are very build able and stay on good for their price. I believe that the moistness varies throughout. Out of the ones I have retro red is the most dry but it is also the only matte one I have from it does chip and break easily. The color selection is great. You can deffiently find the colors you want and try them out to findif they are the right shade for you.
Overall: I really do enjoy the products that N.Y.C. produces. Even though these lipsticks are not as creamy or moisturizing as other lipsticks I would recommend them especially
for people just starting out with makeup.
N.Y.C. Lipsticks in(LtoR):Ultramoist Chiffon,Ultralast Lilac Dream,Ultramosit Retro Red

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  1. Thank you for your wonderful comment!! I do hope i hit 500 subs soon!! that would be an absolute dream come true!! my html isnt that great!! i constantly have to alter it!! Your layout on your blog is neat too!! Its not all in your face which is always nice on your eyes!!
    As for lipsticks, i havent always been a fan. only in the past few years.. ive just always hated the feeling of it on your lips and the though of swallowing it. I still only have the basics. red, nudie, and pink. i should probably try to expand my collection. hahah this comment ended up being really long. Im gonna end it here. hhaha



    p.s. im following you now because im liking your blog. :D