Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Favorite Jewelery Accessories.

Hello Blogettes,
This post is going to be on my favorite jewelery pieces. I really love jewelery when it comes to really making a outfit pop. All of the photo descriptions go from left to right.


- Both of these necklaces were handmade by me.
1. The "Truly Clooney" necklace I made in honor of George Clooney. (ahah I am such a fan) I love it and actually plan on making a bigger one of it.
2.The second necklace it simply a ornament from Hallmark in 2004 that I tied to a red string. I seem to always get compliments on it. The ornament actually opens and inside is a dangling key charm.

1. My mom and I actually share this necklace. It has interchangeable reversable charms and there are a ton of them.
2.The elephant necklace is on that my mother gave me...kinda. Technically my father got it for my mother and she never wore it so she secretly gave it to me. I love elephants and I always steal my friends and family elephant jewelry, clothes, and decorations:)
3. The last necklace is also one that deals with my mother. It is the Jane Seymour Open Hearts necklace. My grandmother, mother and I all have the same one.


1.My Cinderella bracelet is from the Disney Store. I have had it ever since I was about 10 and I got it was as Christmas gift. It is often forgotten but I still really like it.
2.The 3 chain charm bracelet is from Rue 21. It has a very earthy tone to and has cute little charm like a mocking bird, and a hamsa hand.
3. This was a gift from my friend Taylor and I actually use to hate it. After being ran over by a car, dropped down the sink, stolen then re found it kind grew on me. This watch (which is missing the glass above the clock) adorable with a Bohemian floral design and I realized that after all that is would become my favorite watch that always wanted me. Kinda like a Brave little toasters story.


1. The elephant is my favorite of them all of course becuase I love elephants.2. The key ring is a classic for me. It is large enough to be a two finger ring but is only one.
3&4. The Braided ring and the snake skin print ring came in a set together. These two I wear pretty much everyday.


1.The grey toned lady profile earring is from my mother. I actually lost the other but hey I have a side part and long hair.
2. My cameo earrings are perfect for spicing up any outfit. I always wear them when I am looking rather drab and am in a hurry.
3. My favorite pair of dangling earrings are these airplanes. They are the most comfortable on my ears for being somewhat heavy.

1.The gold coin earring are my second favorites. These ones also use to be my mothers.
2. The Giant apples are my favorite for fall. I purchased them at giant thrift store.
3. Also vintage and purchased from the purchased from the same store as above are the big purple bows.
Take from this what you will,


  1. I love all of these, especially the elephant necklace. You and your mom have great taste! Thanks for posting!


    xo, Jay

  2. great pieces love how you have so many vintage pieces !!

    thanks for stopping by my blog !!

  3. i absolutely love all of those necklaces! i wish i had them alllll :) you have such a great jewelry collection.


  4. beautiful jewelry collection! i really love your rings :)