Thursday, February 17, 2011

I wanna see your peacock!

Hello Blogettes!
Oh, what a Fabulous Thursday! In Ohio it is 58 degrees and I am loving it! the 50s and 60s are my favorite degrees, I guess you could say, because it is the best running weather. Also because its warm-not to cold and not to hot. I plan on actually eating dinner today outside. Due to the wonderful weather I decided to get a little creative with my makeup for tonight. Tonight I am going shopping, grabbing some grub on the go and maybe some dancing and karaoke. This is how I have prepped my face for this night.

Eyes:VS cream shadow in going green
Avon pot in Blue Glimmer
No.7 shadow in golden leaf
Flirt! dark green e/s
Flirt! tad pool e/s
E.L.F. quad in Silver Lining (mix the darkest purple and the blue toned purple together)
l'oreal h.i.p. gel liner in midnight blue
Maybeline The Colossal mascara

Peacock? That's what I was going for. The main colors I used were blue, a golden green, and a deep purple. Peacock eye makeup can be done so many different ways. Actually makeup in general can be. That's what I love about it.
I don't know about you, but currently partying the night away makes me think of Katy Perry and bold eyeshadow. I know its strange but hey its all good. Tomorrow I don't have school so I will try to catch up on some posts and I plan on reorganizing my room so I can do a room tour soon.
Take from this what will, .

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