Thursday, May 26, 2011

Those shoes that make my feet smile:) and Recap.

Heyy Blogettes!
Recap:I only have 5 more days of school and I am so excited to leave! Last night was my tack banquette and I was up until about 3 in the morning because of the emotions that its over. I plan on running in college but even then I only will have 4 more years of running. I have already done 6 years(middle school and high school), but its hard knowing that you have less than half to go. I honestly love all my coaches so much. Track was my favorite part of school and its one of the key elements that went into choosing my college. It also had a major impact on choosing my career because I needed a job were I could work coaching into my schedule. I encourage you all to just do something you love and never look back on it.
Smiley Feet:Shoes are something that I never took a real interest in until high school. I always saw girls walking around in the their gym sneakers because they had gym that day and it really bothered me that the sneakers didn't match their outfit. Since I am about 5"8' I use to be really worried about being taller than everyone else but know I just embrace it. Heel size does not matter much to me anymore as long as I can walk comfortably in them.
I've picked out my favorite/most worn shoes to share with you all. Enjoy...

Faded Glory Sandals:These were probably one of my best purchases ever from Walmart. They are super comfy (for being only $12) and don't irrtate my feet. I love how versatile they are! I wear them with dresses, shorts and capri's the most.

No Boundaries Boat shoes: I shoes never leave my feet in the summer. I love them! If I could choose one pair of shoes to have a endless supply of it would defiantly be these ones. I have never had a pair of red shoes besides these but I love the pop of color they add to any outfit.

Rockport Sandels: Rockport Sandals should win an award for most comfort! They are kinda pricey and usually start around $50. If you ever find a Rockport store would defiantly recommend you pick up a pair. They are the just super awesome!!

NaturalSole Wedges: Again these are another pair of very comfy shoes. They are my most comfortable heels I own. I like how easily it is to walk in these wedges, although they are a half size to big. I picked these beauties up at Famous Foot Wear for only $15. The little bow on them is suede which is the only down side for me. This is just because I am not good with keeping things clean.

Rue 21 Slouche Boot: you have all prob ally seen these boots a thousand times but I adore them. Again if you haven't noticed I love my comfy and versatile shoes. They aren't the best boots for winter but they defiantly get the job done when I wear them any other season.
What are your favorite shoes?
Take from this what you will.

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  1. love those pink loafers, they're amazing!! good luck with your last few days of school. my little sister finished school for good (except for a levels) on friday and she was so happy and they all had a big party too

    Bow Dream Nation xx