Friday, June 3, 2011

End of SCHOOL!

Hello Bloggies!
I am officially done with school! Well except for college. It is so exciting! Commencement is this Sunday which mean I will have graduated. I still remember this one day in elementary school when I sat their back in 1998 staring at the calendar thinking I was never going to leave and go to college. Now its finally here! And with graduation comes SUMMER! I spent my last weekend of being a senior shopping, eating Mexican food and hanging out at Caribou Coffee. Here are just a couple things I picked up. I cant wait to wear them!

The two character tees I bought arent something I would normally buy however I thought they were just to adorable to pass up. I hope you all are enjoying this weather.

Take from this what you will,


  1. I love the character tees. Good luck at graduation! It seems like you graduate so late, we graduated May 19! We started school on August 23 I think though.

    That’s So Fletch
    xo, Jay

  2. great earrings! congratulations on finishing school! with college comes new coffee shops and new memories :)