Monday, November 8, 2010

Quick Weekend Haul

Hello everyone and all,
I first off really think that I need a better intro to all my posts. I secondly would like to show you all a few lovely items I purchased. I originally went shopping for this adorable ruffle sleeved, rosy lace shirt with a golden bow wrapped around. However they only have sizes large and small. I could fit in both and both looked okay but the built-in cami on the large was just to big and the small wouldnt fit the longsleeved shirt I wanted to put underneath to make it more veristile. So leaving behind the shirt of my dreams I decided to travel over to Wet Seal. (for some reason everytime I got there with my mom we get amazing deals, I have never spent over $30 in that store and I have never bought just 3 items in there either. In dispar I located two shirt they were simpky adorable and would add 1) Lace and 2) Color to my wardobe.

Lace, Bows, and Ruffles are something that I always wear and never will care if they are considered to be the worst style becuase I adore them with a giant passion, hence why the adorable ruffle sleeved, rosy lace shirt with a golden bow wrapped around was perfect yet life still isnt. So anywhase now on to my purchases:

Halloween sales:)Carmel gummy candy corn and 1.00 cute! Halloween pumpkin.

Pokceto Camera Case and Orlay concealer.

Lace tank with Black Bow.

Pink Ruffled balerina shirt.

Questions: Where do you like to shop to find the best deals?
Take from this what you will
Love, Chelsea


  1. The lace tank looks gorgeous! I LOVE lace!

  2. That shirt is ADORABLE. I love shopping at consignment shops and Forever 21, of course!