Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Perfect Imperfections

Hello All! So this Tag seems to be going around like swine flue did and I wanted to hop on the bandwagon for once instead of standing by the side of the rode waving at it. So off I go.

My imperfections:
My Nails: Always filled with dirt and more boxy then round. The main thing I don't like about my nails is that they always attract dirt, even thought it sounds gross. I can never grow my nails long unless I their painted or I have a little nail clipper dirt remover thing with me.:) Yep,that's the best way I know how to sum up my nails. I am just not to fond of them but I mean their cool, they help me with starch and sniff stuff...right?

My Inner Thighs: Maybe because I am a runner I dislike this part of me. They are not horrible but when they touch while I am running its equal chafing. Their is a nice anti-chafing product to put on your thighs for when you run and it helps....but I am allergic to it. I guess overall I have bad luck with my inner thighs because even though they are toned due to all of my pile squats they also look funny in shorts. So they are not bad but just kinda annoying for running.

My short jaw bone structure: This is something that use to really bother me and still does slightly. When I was younger I always thought that when I grew up I would get that fabulous potent bone structure that I saw in magazines however I didn't realize that it really wouldn't grow. I thought that because of my overbite too that once I got braces it would be fixed, but again I was wrong, because my bone structure for my jaw is short my orthodontist actually ending up over correcting my mouth and gave me a under bite because he was judging by my jaw.

Things I am fond of:
My thick no style hair:Yes, having hair that is a "thick as a bush" as my hairdressers quote, is something I am quite fond of. I use to despise my hair because it wasn't perfectly/naturally straight or it wasn't curly.exc, but now I love it! I feel like I could just wake up and go most days. My hair even though it it quite thick and cant hold curls to well, is something I adore. I mean hairspray is a friend to have and I could go days without washing and although I need 3 gold ball sizes of moose to scrunch it, it never looks gelled.

My use-to-be-acne-now-free-and-smooth skin: So this is anther thing that I have had a love hate relationship with. I was on Acutain starting in fifth grade up to about seventh. I was one of those people who had big pimples on their face, not those under the skin ones. My skin now is so smooth and I have actually gotten compliments on it. Bunches ask me what kind of foundation I use , and I just have to tel them sunscreen and that I never wear foundation unless it homecoming or a banquette.

My Calves: Are like a mans. I have had quite a few male runners compliment me on them. They are actually bigger then my brothers and my dads too. My mother is where I get them. Mine however are still larger. I enjoy it though. I actually have the nickname"Calves" in track because of those big beautiful bulges behind my shins. "Imperfection is Beauty, Madness is Genius, and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."-Marilyn Monroe

I tag all who want to do this and post your link below. I love reading them!

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