Monday, October 25, 2010

Era Day! aka MANIC MONDAY!

Hola my blogging lovies.

This week is Spirit Week! oh yes I said Spirit Week. Today's theme was Era Day. Freshmen were 50's aka Greasers, Sophomores were 60's aka Hippie, Juniors were 70's aka disco, and Seniors were 80's. Here is my 80's attire. (I would like to mention that unlike more then half my class I don't believe just leggings and a cut-off sweatshirt were exactly everyday 80's attire. and thus my outfit)+ I would like to add my Thrift Store haul in this post.

Outfits:Vintage 90's Jeans and Lace Heart Jacket, "Bill Cosby" Sweater,Decree Skinny Jeans, Rue 21 Boots, Vintage red Quilted chain purse, Lace Scunci

Thrift Store Haul purchases:1)A Floral Blazer 2)A Plaid Vest 3)A Houndstooth Blazer , with the cutest buttons. 4)A red quilted chain purse 5)Wiggles Dance Party DVD , I must say I love the Wiggles. 6)Purple bow earrings.
Take From this What you will.
Love, Chelsea

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