Friday, June 18, 2010


Yes I am filling up another blog post with my outfit of the day, but I pinky swear that more worthy entries are coming soon. I just recently got out of school and I wanted a nice week of complete freeness from the computer(due to the fact that i had two compositions due the last week of school and one for my final). So this past week pretty much consisted of NCIS from noon to five, some cleaning and tidying here and there, Gilad workouts at 10-11am and 6:30 pm, with the occasional gym and running workouts. Cross country unofficial starts next, but ill talk more about that on my healthish and running type blog. I also have not been using any hair products on my hair from the May 31st till today, I want to make it a month without product of hot tools. The only thing i have been using is organic shampoo. Its amazing how when you listen to your hair and body it feels so much better.

So no more ramble, this was my OOTD.

Love, Chelsea

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