Sunday, May 16, 2010

Birthday Wishlist:)

Hello again.

Now that school is ending, track season is ending, my concerts and performances are done and my whole email being hacked problem is almost solved I will be posting more! This post is going to be about my birthday wishlist(hence the title). My birthday is less then a month away and I am so excited!.....kinda. The age I am turning makes me mad. I find it funny how when were younger we want to age and then once we hit a certain age we want it all to reverse. There is however a positve side to it and that is that the older you grow the more expericens you have. The more you live and the more you become yourself. See theirs positves to alsmot everything.

Now onto my wishlist:) If any of my lovely readers have any of these products and would like to tell me if they are worthy are me actually buying them, please do. I reviewed most of the beauty products but you never can be to sure.

Chelsea's Birthday Wishlist:

1) M.A.C. Mulch, Cranberry, and Sorcery eyeshadow. (probally the only m.a.c. products I will ever want)

2) Collection 2000 or Sephora Glitter eyeliner in a gold or bronze color.

3) Benefit High Beam.

4) ELF mineral eyeshadow primer and Duo blush and bronzer.

5) Fan Brush

6) A Lemon Perfume.

7) White or Floral Wedges.

8) A Running GPS.

9) A Yellow Cardigan.

10) Cowboy boots.

So yep, that is pretty much it. I really wish they sold ELF at my target. My target use to be so advanced with getting things and now it seems its taken a procrastination turn. Does anyone elses Target not sell ELF products yet?

Also when is your birthday and what do you want this year? I love reading things like that.

Take from this what you will.

Have a lovely Day.

Love, Chelsea


  1. sounds like a great birthday wish list.
    i only have brown eye shadow shades from MAC but love that they are so glittery and shiney. obsessed!

    i never actually ask for anything for my birthday.. i don't know we didn't grow up having a big birthday gift deal. We always got to pick our birthday dinner though.

  2. that is one spectacular birthday wish list ;)