Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dear Santa.

Dear Santa,
Thank you for the lovely presents this year. I hope all of your reindeer are doing well, I have not put magical feeder on the ground outside for a couple of years but I am sure other kids have taken over that job.
Books! True Whit &; My Listography. Music: Micheal Buble Christmas.
Makeup: Sleek Palettes, pout paint and liquid liner. + Naked 2 Palette.
Pink Bow Cardigan &; Running Tighs.
Lanny the Elf from "Prep and Landing"

I hope you all had a very wonderful Holiday Season.
What did you recieve or give for the Holidays?
Take from this what you will,


  1. Aww!!! I LOVE that movie (Prep and Landing) and that is so cool that you have the cute little Elf!!! I want one!!

  2. Thank you for the comment :) nice presents you got there! Would you like to follow each other?

  3. lucky! i still havent had a chance to purchase the naked 2 palette.