Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Riding the Storm Out.

Last Night was insane. Lightning. Thunder. Rain. Everywhere. It was so crazy. Just when I thought the storm had cleared. It came back 4 hours later. Lets just say I had a "perfect" nights sleep.

Blouse-Old Navy; Wedges-Old Navy; Shorts-Urban Outfitters.

Watch-Vintage; Purse-B&BW

"And I'm not missing a thing,Watching the full moon crossing the range,Riding the storm out"

Love, Chelsea


  1. cool top! i love its color darling!

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  2. oh i love your highwaisted shorts!!! and the colour of your top is awesome

  3. seems everyone had a bit of rain during october...even we did here. it was pretty bad. purple looks great on you!

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