Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pretty Little Liars Fashion.

Does anyone else watch this show? I have been in love with it since I first saw the preview. Anything with mystery and crime like solving is my type of show. I must admit though That I never actually read the book series. However my library will be having a stop by me in the very near future to pick up some of the books. Along with the amazing plot line I am loving the outfits put together for the characters on the show. Each characters outfits definitely represents their personality. Here are some of the few I am loving:

I adore this outfit.

Love, love, love, the shoes!

and just becuase Ian Harding is beautiful:)

I must say that even though I love Aria's(Lucy Hale) style the most my curent style resembles Emily's(Shay Mitchell).
What other shows do you like the style and fashion of the characters?

Typing this lovely post listening to: Dave Koz-December Makes Me Feel This way.

Love, Chelsea


  1. Thanks for your lovely commet. Great blog.
    I haven't seen this show, but the outfits look great.

  2. I've heard of Pretty Little Liars but havent watched it..yet. The outfits are cute :)