Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Trends I am Loving.

Well i have always been a ruffle, and lace kind of person and them being in style this spring makes me super happy! To me ruffles and lace never go out or style. I wear them amost everyday if I can. After this Spring season I am going to be set on clothes for a very long time.

here are some things I found that I am completey loving right now:

Fringe Vests.

red cardigans.

cowboy boots.

yellow wool cardigan.


  1. lace and caridgans.
    my favorite things in the world!<3

  2. Hi girl, So glad you found my blog because I love your background music as well as your content! I found my boots at Francesca's it is a little boutique... my sister has them as well and I liked them on her so MUCH that I had to get a pair myself.